Power Suiting at The Kit Vintage - History & Styling

Especially for women, a "power suit" is a symbol of confidence, dominance and professionalism. It goes against the outdated notion of suits being solely for men. A suit acts as a visual symbol that women also have the power to be taken seriously, hold a respectable job and make decisions. A freedom that is so empowering after a long history of lack of women's rights. 

On February 12th, 1947, the House of Christian Dior created the Bar Suit. This suit was one of the first fashion statements that started a wave of controversial feminism within the industry. Suits were no longer just for the working man. Women could feel empowered yet sexy by wearing a suit that accentuated the waist and hips. 

Since then, the suit has become a closet staple, regardless of gender. Vintage suiting in particular pays close attention to proportion and fabrication. With exaggerated shoulder padding, cinched waistlines and structured trousers to elongate the legs. 

Vintage women's suiting also tells a story of its time; Each piece represents the designers interpretation of political and social issues during that time. Some with a more boxy masculine flare, some with embellishments and colorful patterns, and everything in between.

The Kit Vintage is proud to have a vast curation of suiting for work or play. The best part of a suit is the millions of styling opportunities to make it your own. Wear as a set or wear as separates. Oversized or fitted, anything goes. Play around and style your suit with a graphic tee, a turtle neck or a traditional button up.